About us

The Catholic Church has always used glorious vestments in the sacred liturgy. For centuries, only the best was considered good enough for God. It is delightful to see renewed interest in traditional vestments in recent years.

The name FilAurum comes from two Latin words: “filo” (thread) and “aurum” (gold, of gold) and literally means “a thread of gold”, implying both magnificent traditional vestments and the goldwork embroidery that many of them have.

FilAurum creates beautiful hand-tailored vestments in the traditional Roman style using the finest natural fabrics: silk, cotton/silk blends, cotton. Vestments that are available for immediate dispatch can be found in the shop. Most of my work is done through custom commissions. If you would like to place a commission please send me a message or an email to discuss the details. I will be happy to assist you in creating a special Mass set or other items just for you.

Another direction of FilAurum’s work is the preservation of the precious liturgical heritage. Having a background in history and historical sewing and tailoring, I treat every vestment as a historical work of art. I love working with old vestments and seeing them restored to their former glory. My ultimate goal is to safeguard the materials and the original shape of the vestment as much as possible. To maintain the historic integrity of a vestment, I only use natural fabrics (like silk and cotton) when doing the restoration and conservation work. So, if you have a vestment that needs repairs, no matter how big or small, and need help with restoring it, please message me. Please note that vestments restoration is limited to the United Kingdom due to customs charges on shipments to the UK. I am also happy to make missing items to complete sets.

FilAurum is based in the UK but would be happy to ship anywhere in the world.